John Riley

John was elected as a Councillor in the West Ruislip Ward of the London Borough of Hillingdon in a bye election in October 2008.  Since his election he has been Chairman of the Children and Young Persons Policy and Overview Committee, Deputy Chairman of Executive Scrutiny Committee, Chairman of the Corporate Parenting Committee and Chairman of the External Service s Select Committee and remains in this position currently.  John is also Chairman of the Councils Standards Committee.

John’s political interests are particularly in the fields of Children in Care, Education, Policing and all aspects of Health provision in the Borough and the wider community.  John is particularly interested in the scrutiny role of a Councillor bringing his long expertise as a Criminal Barrister to bear on the practice of holding public office holders and professional to account.  Currently john is also Chairman of a Working Group looking into the provision of GP and primary care services in the Borough.

John is a Peer mentor with the LGA on issues concerning Corporate Parenting, Policing and Health issues and has undertaken many reviews with and for other Authorities.  Among his other interests are Lecturing and public speaking to varied audiences both in his professional career and in his political life.


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