Improving Eastcote town centre

The Eastcote town centre improvement scheme is now focusing on improvements to the public amenities and spaces. Robust representations from Eastcote & East Ruislip Ward and Cavendish Ward Councillors have resulted in £1.3 Million funding to transform our town centre.

The first phase of this work will be to improve the lighting in Field End Road, side streets and car park, and to lay new paving throughout. New paving, as well as tree surrounds, has already been laid from Morford Way towards the Ascott pub, as pictured right, and similar paving is planned throughout.

It is hoped this work will complete in Spring 2018. A second phase of possible improvements was put out to public consultation through delivered leaflets and online, and possibilities include: 

- more formal and informal pedestrian crossing points;
- a 20mph zone to improve safety; widening footways to accommodate proper bus shelters;
- new trees with permeable tree pits; low level planting at base of existing trees;
- new benches and bins throughout the town centre; a new social space at the corner of Abbotsbury Gardens;
- more cycle stands where demand is greatest at Eastcote Station;
- wider pavement and new Eastcote signage and lighting opposite the station;
- linear planters with rain gardens and water inlets helping to reduce surface flooding.

We are grateful to the Town Centre Improvements Team who held two well-attended information sessions at Eastcote Library in September. Please feel free to contact your local Councillors with questions or suggestions.